The adage goes, "when making a film avoid using animals and kids".  Whoever said that never met Kayli. She is a consummate professional in  every sense. She is prompt, attentive, easy to talk to, takes direction  well, and has a heart of pure gold. Plus she's got wicked good acting  chops, and she's possibly the cutest little girl in the whole freakin'  world. To my fellow filmmakers and industry professionals: Without  hesitation I give Kayli my highest, unqualified recommendation. She  brings nothing but positives to a production. You will love working with  her.

Rusty Sheridan, MFA Filmmaker and Film Educator
East Tennessee State Univ.

Working with Kayli is a joy! For her to be so young and possess such a knowledgable and natural skillset for acting, completely inspires me as an Actor! 
This kid not only gets it...she brings it!  

Kayli is tops as far as I am concerned when it comes to child actors!

~Davis Osborne, Actor
Charlotte, NC
Kayli is a solid professional like few child actresses can ever be. While most can slip through your hands like water and have you banging your head against the wall, Kayli not only listens but also formulates her character with you. She has put herself into profession that, within a decade, will cement her as an actress by profession, not hobby. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity, you'd be a fool not to cast her. Because one day, it won't be so easy.

~Ian McClerin, Storyteller for Digital Promise and Assistant to Cage Manager at Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.
Kayli Tolleson is one of those young actors who has both the discipline and talent to be a success. I had the opportunity to work with her in a film called KNOWING. After watching her perform and interacting with her in a scene, I realized how much talent she has. She was virtually flawless. She's very professional and determined. Kayli is a rare gem waiting to be discovered.

Award Winning Actor/Director
Los Angeles, CA
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As a student filmmaker at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts I have the special privilege of working with many talented young rising actors on a daily basis. Working with kids is especially difficult on a production with literally no budget, and tight schedules. However, its those days when you meet people that make your job worthwhile. I knew from the moment that I met Kayli she was someone who I wanted to continue to work with as long as I could.
Never have I met a child actor who not only has a great look in front of the camera, but who innately understands what happens behind the camera. Kayli is a fearless girl with the spunk of a young Dakota Fanning circa I AM SAM. She has the conscious delivery of that of a non-actor, but has the training and poise of a veteran on screen. She just flat out understands the production process. It's rare to have someone her age come on to set, unafraid, prepared, professional, and still have her personality shine through.
From the films I've worked with her on, CANTILEVER, BAG LADY, and SEVERE PSYCHOSIS OF A MUSICLESS MAN, she steals the show. When she pops up on screen, you are drawn to her performance. Every character she morphs into is unique, and interesting to watch. The heart of the character speaks through her performance. She can be joking around with the crew between takes and when second the director calls, "ACTION" and the camera starts rolling, she flips a switch and becomes the character.
I'm honestly just thrilled to watch this young girl's career progress. Knowing that one day, I'll be watching the Academy Awards saying, "I knew her when…".

Rachel A. Fowler
Freelance Editor/Sound Designer
Los Angeles, CA 
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Kayli Maree Tolleson
Kayli Tolleson is a mighty force. She's focused. She's smart. She's got the "it" factor....which makes her a great actress! She continues to practice her craft with a creativity not normally seen in child actors. I've seen her in action. She approaches a scene with believability and emotion. And when the role calls for tears, watch out. You'll cry along with her. 
And...she's just plain NICE!

Catherine Trail, SAG Actress
Charlotte, NC
Kayli is a delightful young actress that is truly focused. She's a good listener, takes direction well and is very mature. On top of that she is a beautiful young lady that photographs beautifully!

Joanne Hock, Award Winning Director/Producer   Charlotte, NC
Kayli Tolleson is a wonderful young actress. She's completely committed, focused, and shows up prepared mentally and emotionally. She has a great understanding of what the scene requires especially at her young age.

 While makeup tried to figure out how to give her glycerin tears, she was already in the moment with natural tears flowing down her cheek. I recall the camera man saying something to the effect of ~shouldn't we just shoot this!~ Not only is she talented but she is a joy to be around. And as kids must have supervision, you won't find a more lovely parent on set than her mom Janna. Also, kind and good-spirited, she gently helps Kayli to prepare and focus and then gets out of her way so she can do her thing! I think Kayli would be an asset to any project.

Jeanine Bartel, SAG Actress, NYC
I hate to admit it but honestly, film makers tend to have a negative opinion of working with animals and kids. And you know what? Some of those stereotypes are true. 

But I can say with confidence that my friend Kayli Tolleson is the exception to the rule! She is the best puppy I've ever worked with! Hahaha (just kidding!)

Kayli has always been a joy to work with. She is always so professional and kind on set. Her preparation is remarkable and sets a great example for everyone else. I am constantly impressed by her raw talent and it has been a joy to see it developed over the years.

Christian Simpson, Down Home Films
Charlotte, NC

I have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of films and sets. Ranging from small Indy projects to low budget films to big Hollywood film sets with A-Lister's everywhere. And with that comes the opportunity to work with a large variety of actors and actresses. And from the hundreds of actors and actresses I have worked with in commercials and film I would but Kayli at the very top regardless of her age! She not only was more professional than most I have worked with she is also a very very talented young lady and I would love the opportunity to work with her again someday!

Jason Greear, SAG/AFTRA-E Actor
As The Crow Flies-with Morgan Wolk 
as "Bird".
Union County Playmakers  
Dec 2014

I'm picky. Really picky. Having been in this industry for a very long time -both as an actor and a director- I have some very strong opinions on what I think makes a good actor. 
1) A collaborator. 2) A disciplined worker. 
3) A fearless remover of masks. 
That last one takes some cultivation and children at a very young age have it naturally but then lose it as they get older and you have to nurture it back into them when they become adults. 
Kayli has all of these things. She jumps right into the opportunity to be around other artists. She listens carefully, asks questions to clarify, and then whole-heartedly pours herself into a take. She appears to have no misgivings or self-involved needs when the camera roles and the action begins. She's a gem. And I firmly believe she can be a diamond, an emerald, a sapphire, an onyx, or whatever gem you need for you particular role. ~~Michael Babbitt, Director
Bombshell Studios, LLC
Having had the privilege of working with such exquisite talent at quite a young age, I was impressed with Miss Kayli Tolleson from our first meeting on the T.V. show It's Supernatural. Kayli's performance skills are more professional than a lot of adult actors twice her years, yet attached with that maturity is such a vibrant, youthful radiance which is only surpassed by a smile that will make even the most demanding- seasoned director- crack a grin. I look forward to working with Miss Kayli in much more film and T.V. in the years ahead. 

- Gregory A. Hewett, Director of special Effects Makeup at Gregory F/X. , Si -Fi's Face-Off T.V show Alumni., and SPFXMUA for Its Supernatural T.V. show
Kayli Tolleson is more than just a pretty face. She is an exemplary young Actor with solid chops and is easily directable. She studies her character, not by just memorizing lines, but comes to set with knowledge of who she is to be and how to bring that character to life. Kayli is not only talented and hard working, she also brings to set NO drama, except what's needed for her role, as well as a positive attitude and willingness to learn. I've worked with her on several film projects and always highly recommend her.

~~Vanessa Ore, SAG-E Actress,                      Writer/Producer
Charlotte, NC
Kayli is one of the most disciplined actresses  I have ever met before.
For her age,  she takes things seriously and wants to improve herself. She loves acting.
She is the nicest person in the film industry and it is always delightful to share a set with her.

Luis Machicao
Machicao Couture LLC.
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