Pendulum Swings         Jenna/Lead                                 Tri-Rahn Productions-Vela Films/Bill Rahn,Director
One Church Film           Tabatha/Supporting             JC Films/Bill Rahn, Director            
Virtuous                       Blair Evans/Featured               JC Films/Bill Rahn, Director
Lost and Found           Jess Taylor/Supporting                 Erin Gold Productions/Brittany Hendricks, Director
Lao Warrior                Young Nina/Supporting                   22 Warriors Films/Kenji Sayosky, Director
As The Crow Flies          Chloe/Supporting                           Parting Song Pictures/Jacob LaGuardia Director
Regret                         Young Rachel/Supporting             NMRProductions/Nuno M. Rodrigues,Director/NYC
9-Ball                          Young Gail/Supporting                  Main Street Productions/Anthony Palma, Director
From Faith to Freedom Danielle/Supporting                       Derrick Parker, Director
G.H.O.S.T.                  Young Maya/Supporting                Mutantville Productions/Jamie McRoberts,Director
Redemption of the Commons  Young Hope/Supporting      ROTC, LLC Productions/KT Terry, Director
The Strange and Unusual   Samantha Smith/Supporting    VisionScape Media/Anil Dhokai, Director
My Name Is Paul            Kaila/Featured                          Quiet No More Pictures/Trey Ore,Director 
IRON MAN 3Kissing Girl/Featured                      Ironworks Productions/Shane Black, Director
Remnants                   Little Girl/Featured                        Tim Scezniak, Director
Trinity Goodheart         Homeless Child/Featured              Reelworks Studios/Joanne Hock, Director
Snitch                        Restaurant Patron/Featured           Cascade Pictures/Heather Hale, Director
Evergreen Christmas  Christmas Tree Shopper/Featured   Kim and Jim Productions/Jeremy Culver,Director

Aborted                                 Charity Robbins/Lead                 Dare to Dream Pictures/Deidre Thomas, Director
Forsaken                            Young Susan/Supporting           Bombshell Studios, Michael Babbitt, Director
Myelin                                   June/Lead                                    ZRD Productions/Zachary Davenport Director
The Big Story(Upward Sports) Bella/Lead                                    Level Path Productions/Gary Wheeler, Director
Out of One's Misery      Daughter/Lead                                       Sharpe Edge Productions/Michael Sharpe, Director
Park Bench                   Pamela Collins/Lead                               DWC Productions/Josh Casher, Director
Heaven          Daughter/Lead                                        Tarik Freitekh, Director/AI of Charlotte
KNOWING     Maria/Lead       Lancer Entertainment Group/Tim Vogel,Director
Indigo Child    Amelia Bartlett/Indigo Child/Lead     Mutantville Productions/Brent Bowers,Director
Cantilever       Jessie/Lead     Ian McClerin, Director/UNCSA
The Factory Lesson       Kayli/Lead                                             Lancer Entertainment Group/Tim Vogel,Director
I Found My Marbles        Goth Girl/Supporting                               Ellie Production, LLC/Louise Summey, Director
Debris                          Molly Parker/Supporting                           Ellie Productions, LLC/Louise Summey, Director
Last Call of Duty            Bethany/Supporting                                 DMC Productions/Josh Casher, Director
Death of a Wizard          Linda/Supporting                                    Edward Varnie, Director/UNCSA
Ms Heebie                    Penny/Supporting                                   Holly Blair Cox, Director (Wright State University)
Severe Psychosis  Twin #1/Supporting                  Ian McClerin, Director-UNCSA
Cut Rate Nannies          Sassy/Supporting                                   Billy Haake, Director/CFC Film Contest
Somnium Sleep     Dream Girl/Supporting             Nichole Driscoll, Director/AI of Charlotte 
Family Fiend  Innya/Supporting      Mutantville Productions/George Blalock,Director
Bag LadyBully #1/Supporting         Robert Crain, Director/UNCSA
Chamber of Commerce Young Girl Shopper/Co-Lead                     Emulsion Arts/Joanne Hock, Director
Epidemic Z     Zombie Student/Featured        Robert Schwartz, Director
My Name Is Paul   Amanda/Orphan Child      Quiet No More Pictures/Trey Ore, Director

Jason Adamo                 Lead/Daughter             Deano Pictures/Dean Garris, Director
Steven Warwick Band    Co-Star/Young Girl        Yellow Arrow Films/Will Davis, Director
Jesse Strange               Classroom Student        Imagery Films/Inkwell, PR
MARS-Bringer of War     Barbarian Leader          Henry Ciero, Director/Reflex Productions
Queen City (Carrie Marshall Vocalist)   Girl in Fountain    Cashman Productions

Repercussions-The Show                           Hannah                        Mingo Studios Productions/Keema Mingo, Director
The Greenbrier Resort Promo Videos        Teen Daughter            Olive Bone Productions
Progress Lighting                                        Daughter                      Bonesteel Films/Scripps Network
Hannah's Maze of Mirrors (Promo Video)   Teen Visitor                 Kycera Partners/Matt Silk, Director
Door to Door Web series                Ladybug/Featured                    5Ahead Films/Joe Chiazza, Dir.
Alzheimer's Magic Mirror (Ep 2/3)  Missy/Granddaughter                LifeLong Productions/Angela Oberer
Homeland (Season 2, Ep. 7)          Party Attendant                       Fox 21 Productions
Sid Roth's It's Supernatural           Co-Star/Daughter                    NewDay Pictures/Warren Marcus, Director
Banshee (Season 1, Ep 3)              Pier Family/Daughter       Screaming Spirit Productions
              (Season 2, Ep 5)    Townsperson                    Screaming Spirit productions
SHELTER (PILOT EPISODE)         Child Party Guest                    Bonanza Productions, Liz Friedlander,Director
DNC 2012 Welcome Video              Featured Audience Member    Greyhawk Productions/Joanne Hock Director
The Vagina Revolution                   Spokesperson                         Laura Lewin, Director/Author
The Dark One (Web Series)        Ep 1 Sarah/Featured                      Insidious Productions/John Dondero, Director
CPI SECURITY                             Daughter/Principal                  Wonderworld Film+Video, Inc.
FLOW AUDI                                 Daughter/Principal                  Edward Varnie, Director(UNCSA)
Lake Norman Film Festival Promo  Self                                       Lancer Entertainment Group/Tim Vogel Director
Tainted Love                                 Hannah/Without A Scream       Halogen TV/Richard Clark, Director
I Married A Mobster        Little Love/Lead (Ep #9)           Investigation Discovery Channel, NYC
KID TIME SHOW TV Promo           Kayli/Lead                             James Rossi, Director
CREATE TOMORROW Promo      The Creative Spirit/Lead           Christian Simpson, Director (AI Promo)
EARTHFARE                 Gretel/Lead                            Yellow Hair Films/Will Davis, Director
SOMMER Garage Door Opener Promo (Web) School Age Child    Burke Communications/Dustin Pegg, Director
Avenue C Show(TV)                     Clarissa Common/Lead     C2 Productions-Chip Brazil, Director

It's A Wonderful Life Radio Play      Young  Mary Fitch Bailey                                                   UC Playmakers
Twas The Night Before Christmas   AMOSAMOS OF Kansas-Lead                            UC Playmakers
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  Gladys Herdman-Lead                                          Ginger Heath, Director
The Jungle Book    Coconut Tree and Shanti (village girl)-Principal Larry Robinson, Director
The Wizard of Oz   Munchkin-Supporting                      Larry Robinson, Director
Table for Five Thousand  Zacchaeus, a Disciple                    Faith Based Production

Charlotte International Fashion Week   Old Navy Show /Anjel Designs Show   Model  Plitzs Marketing
American Girl, LLC Ad Model                                                      Y&R Productions, NYC
Ollie and Matilda Headbands/Chassidy Ruch Photography
Playworld Play Systems-Zahra Baker Memorial Playground         
Back To School Model   Chassidy Ruch Photography
Summer Theme Model   Sheila Carroll Photography       Sheila Carroll, Photographer
Storyboard Stills Model  Mermaid Treasure Film     Forever Young Productions
Ad Model-Dance Pictures      Promo Flyer            Angela Gulledge Photography
Model    RANSOM Photo Shoot     Paige Ramsey Photography
Model    TWEEN Model Search Winner         Soul Fusion Photography

PlainJane Supermodels  Runway/Posing Training              Erica and Ray Bradbury
Voiceover Techniques  The Brock Agency/NYS3              Sharon Feingold, Instructor
Auditioning Techniques   The Brock Agency/NYS 3          Richard Handy, Instructor
Physical Comedy-It's Not Funny   Jill Bloede, Instructor   Young Actor's Symposium
Show Choir      Angela Gordon, Director  Spotlight Academy
Just Ask                         Nadia Shahrik, CLICK MODELS (Private)
Breaking the Ice               Jerry Chery, NEXT Models (Private)
What to Expect in NYC     Shirley Faison, Carson-Adler (Private)
LA Commercial Business   Brad Diffley, Maverick Artists (Private)
Auditioning in So. FloridaCrystal Bennett, Karen Greer Models (Private)
Cold Reading/Improv Comedy   Helen Kearney Konen, Acting Coach
Advanced Scene Study      Corlin Productions,     LLC Linda Watt, Director/Owner
Cold Read Workshop            The Brock Agency                                         Harriet Greenspan, Casting Director
The Actor’s Journey for Kids  Corlin Productions, LLC   Stanley Livingston, Actor/Director
Theater Acting/Voice Classes Union County Arts Council      Larry Robinson, Director
Film/TV Audition Techniques  The Brock Agency   Maura Soden, LA Casting Director
The Business of Acting  Corlin Productions, LLC   Kathleen Schultz, SAG Agent
Film/TV Audition Techniques  The Brock Agency   Richard Futch, Casting Director
Basic Scene StudyCorlin Productions, LLC   Linda Watt, Director/Owner
Intermediate Scene Study      Corlin Productions, LLC           Linda Watt, Director/Owner
Film/TV Audition Techniques  The Brock Agency   Howard Meltzer, Casting Director

SKILLS/INTERESTS: Basketball, Golf, bicycling, swimming, roller skate/blade, hula hoop, jumprope, double dutch, running, loves animals
METRO CONTACTS:  All areas of NC, SC, GA    Pittsburgh/Philadelphia, PA     Areas of VA,    Dallas,TX        Fort Worth, TX       Cleveland, OH      Dayton, OH     Orlando, FL      Hartford, CT     

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With Agent, Beverly Brock, Models of The South Pre-Teen Winner 2011
Death of a Wizard set photo
Barbarian Leader-MARS MUSIC VIDEO
Set Family-Banshee 
(with my brother Christopher)
Kayli Maree Tolleson
Evergreen Christmas with Charleene Closshey
(Evie Lee)
SID ROTH'S It's Supernatural  
Ricardo Rodriquez episode
Wells Fargo Championship  Charlotte, NC  
May, 2015
with David Feherty of CBS Sports